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76835 Rhodt, Germany
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Our wine style is classic and restrained. Our wines are characterised by elegance, balance and their hearty Palatinate origins.

When it comes to "making" wine, we rely on classic values: Wine culture, craftsmanship and feeling, time - and the renunciation of oenological frills.

We produce our grapes according to the guidelines of "controlled environmentally friendly viticulture". We do not use herbicides and, in almost all years, insecticides. Ripe and flavoursome grapes with moderate yields are an important cornerstone of our philosophy.
The grapes are always harvested selectively and increasingly by hand.
Nothing is more important for wine quality than the quality of the harvested grapes. This is what really counts in the final wine. In the cellar, it is all about preserving this quality and transforming it into wine.
That's why we process the grapes in the cellar using simple methods that have been tried and tested over decades.

For white wine, the grapes are crushed in a classic grape mill and then gently pressed with air pressure up to a maximum of 1.6 bar.
The must is clarified overnight by gravity.
It is then transferred to our old vaulted cellar for fermentation.
Small, thin-walled stainless steel tanks are a cornerstone of our vinification process. We do not cool the must during fermentation. The outside air flows through our wine cellar through our old ventilation shafts and, depending on the vintage and weather, naturally influences the fermentation process and thus also the subsequent wine.
This matures on the full lees until bottling, at least until the spring of the following year.
We do not bottle early. Grapes and time are our most important wine ingredients.

Most of the red wine grapes are destemmed, i.e. the stems are removed. Fermentation naturally takes place "on the skins". Pressing is done entirely by feel and experience. The red wine always undergoes a second fermentation, "malolactic fermentation", and is stored in wooden barrels for s...

PHOTO GALLERY 3 Weinstube & Hotel Waldkirch e.K.

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