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67229 Laumersheim, Germany
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Wineguide: Weingut Zelt
Actually... that's how many sentences begin. Actually, Mario Zelt wanted to do "something" with graphic design. But he deliberately decided against "something" because he followed his interest and love of wine and joined his parents' winery in Laumersheim in the Palatinate.

It was clear from the outset that he did not simply want to sell the grapes to the wineries in the area, as he had done previously, no, he wanted to make wine himself and sell and market it himself. And the "Winzer by Heart" does this in a very pleasant way. He dispenses with loud PR and marketing shouting, preferring to approach his work in a considered, highly talented and focussed manner.
Winning the 2017 German Red Wine Award was a great and inspiring affirmation for Mario Zelt. Since then, he has wanted to concentrate even more on his work, his vision of wine and create wines that fully emphasise the characteristics of the terroir.

Whether it's the Rieslings from "Erste Lagen" Kapellenberg, the only vineyard in Laumersheim that is not built on limestone and loess loam, or from the Steinbuckel and Kirschgarten vineyards, or the Pinot Noirs from the Erste Lage Burgweg or the Große Lage Kirschgarten, the oldest and most famous vineyard in Laumersheim, Mario Zelt only teases out the best from all his vineyards. What fascinates him most is the fact that, as he says himself, "the influence of the winegrower on the flavour of the wine is limited, because nature always plays its part. It is therefore not possible to produce a wine with the same flavour twice".

With his clear vision and uncompromising style, Mario Zelt is working his way towards the top league from year to year. Consistently, just as he prefers, while always staying down to earth, appreciating what he can and has. Today, Mario Zelt stands for talent and dedication, for red wines with passion and fervour, for unpretentious and good. He summarises what he is primarily concerned with in a few very simple words: "You should b...

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