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12681 Berlin, Germany
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NOVIN is our latest experiment. Like our kombucha, it is non-alcoholic, but it is more complex in flavour and preparation. Interest in such a project was sparked by our limited artist edition of Kombucha in wine bottles, which we use as a platform to promote fellow artists while we experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques. The creation of NOVIN combines elements of many brewing and beverage disciplines and pushes the boundaries of kombucha. The result is a beverage that is more akin to a non-alcoholic wine, but is still kombucha at its core.
The background to NOVIN ruby was to develop a flavour profile of a red wine from scratch, but using somewhat unorthodox methods. In addition to the slow wine reduction of a cuvée, the process is based on fermenting the kombucha with malt instead of sugar - a technique borrowed from beer brewing. The fermented aronia juice provides a complex mouthfeel that is complemented by additional tannins and a juicy flavour. We have also added a hint of blackcurrant leaf for a slightly riper and more floral bouquet.
For our next NOVIN, we decided to release a white wine alternative that is not modelled on or influenced by existing alcoholic alternatives.
By further exploring an idea that originally started with our NOVIN ruby, we wanted to use the concept of creating a kombucha with an evolved malt profile and that distinctive flavour tone as the foreground for opaque. By boiling the malt barley, we used amylase (an enzyme that helps convert starch into sugar). After conversion and a light filtration, it remains as the sugar source for our kombucha starter, which is an essential part of the fermentation and the backbone of opaque's distinctive profile.
We have kept the tea base in a lighter tone and made sure to retain some of the fresh, grassy tones accompanied by a hint of fresh apricot. The woody tones of the composition come from dried walnut leaves and roasted birch shavings, which have...

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