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25030 Adro, Italy
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Contadi Castaldi has a dynamic tradition deeply linked to its living and contemporary roots. The name is a synthesis of the most ancient history of Franciacorta: in the Middle Ages, the Contadi were small territorial units chosen for the agricultural production of top quality products, while the Castaldi were the lords in charge of managing the lands

Vittorio Moretti and his wife Mariella wanted to reconnect with this noble past by buying an old abandoned blast furnace and the surrounding land. Contadi Castaldi was born at the end of the 1980s, thanks to an intuition and the ability to turn a dream into reality

The old oven, thanks to a conservative restoration, soon became a winery. Its large spaces and long galleries, once used to bake bricks, were perfect to house the fruits of the farm, the vinification and the refinement of the wines. Thus, the old workplace changes its function and turns to the land and the vineyards, but does not betray its origins and maintains the style and vocation of the territory

Contadi Castaldi is made up of a large mosaic of vineyards capable of offering a wide range of aromas and flavours. This determines the style of Contadi Castaldi. On the one hand, then, a generous nature, and on the other, the work of man, who must transform the immense material available into wine. To make the most of each harvest, the creation of a cuvée is essential, like an orchestra capable of doing justice to each individual artist.

This is how the winery's stylistic trademark is born, based on balance and freshness, vision and territorial belonging.
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