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Le Charreau - Authentische Weine

Address: Address 53225 Bonn, Germany Show on map
Percentage of producers classified with at least in the portfolio: 38% 26% to 50% of producers in the portfolio are classified by wein.plus with at least
Authentic - a frequently used buzzword. For us, wines are authentic when they reflect the special features of their terroir. The term refers to a very complex interaction of soil, climate and grape varieties. The terroir has a decisive influence on the development of a wine, giving it individuality, identity, character - authenticity.

Authentic wines understood in this way are first created in the vineyard. Committed vineyard work becomes a differentiating quality argument. For our winegrowers, it is important to preserve the unadulterated characteristics of the terroir and to make them palatable. This can only be achieved by refraining from strong regulating interventions in the vineyard and a gentle, careful treatment of soil, vines and grapes. Natural or organic cultivation is the obvious consequence.

Respect for the terroir and the resulting natural product, wine, are the guidelines for our winemakers' cellar work. They rely on transparency - a critical look into the cellars is expressly desired. The renunciation of excessive sulphurisation and pure yeasts, gentle processing by gravity and unadorned and unfiltered bottling are just a few examples of the consistent continuation of dedicated vineyard work in the cellar.

There are no "French" wines here, but a Touraine, Côtes du Rhône, Saint Chinian or Roussillon with characteristic, tangible differences even in the vintages. And - there are dedicated winemakers. We are convinced to carry some of the best at reasonable prices

Our wines come from the dynamic regions of Languedoc, Loire, Rhône, Roussillon and Southwest France. In addition, we are expanding our range with wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, the Ahr and the Middle Rhine as well as other German wine regions such as the Palatinate, Baden and Franconia.
We import by far the largest part of our assortment directly. This guarantees independence from the usual trade assortments and allows us to build up an individual programme. Of course, we pass on the price advantages achieved through direct import to our customers. We supplement our assortment with a few trade partners in Germany

We attach great importance to personal contact with our winegrowers, whom we visit regularly. In many cases, this has resulted in close friendships that allow us to gain unusual insights into the work on site and confirm our confidence in the quality of the wines. We would like to pass this trust on to you.
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