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Address: Address 8010 Graz, Austria Show on map
Area of Responsibility: Styria/Steiermark
Region, Territory, Area: Steiermark, Südsteiermark, Weststeiermark, Vulkanland Steiermark
Wine Styria
The Wine Styria Association, with around 460 member wineries, aims to take measures to protect and promote Styrian wine. Styrian winegrowers currently cultivate 5,096 hectares of vineyards and produce a total of 222,900 hectolitres of wine in 2021. Styria thus holds more than 10% of the total Austrian wine-growing area.

DAC system of origin Styria

The DAC system of origin Styria, which was introduced with the 2018 vintage, stands for "wine with protected origin" and offers outstanding wines with a guarantee of origin.

Wine from the mountain. With hand &amp; heart.

It is the manual work of sustainably managed winegrowers who are responsible for their landscape that stands for the quality of the wines. The winegrowers of the Styrian DAC regions Südsteiermark DAC, Weststeiermark DAC and Vulkanland Steiermark DAC. have committed themselves to hand harvesting. More than half of the vineyard area in Styria is mountain viticulture with slopes of sometimes extreme inclination.

Distinctive wines
The unique interplay of climate, soils, sites and characteristics of the region enables the winegrowers to press distinctive wines with their very own character: dry, fragrant, juicy, mineral-spicy, elegant and yet with substance.

The DAC pyramid
The pyramid shows the wine classifications in levels, starting at the base with the regional wines and ending with the local and estate wines. All three DAC areas of Styria stand for multi-layered quality wines characterised by terroir: area wines underline the diversity of Styria, local wines act as ambassadors with character of origin and single vineyard wines show the expression of best sites. In order to guarantee ripening and development time, regional wines come onto the market from 1 March, local and single vineyard wines from 1 May after the harvest.

The DAC grape varieties
9 traditional grape varieties, as well as cuvées from them, are permitted in the DAC system: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Morillon (Chardonnay), Sa...

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Wein Steiermark

Association for the protection and promotion of Styrian wine.
Wein Steiermark

There are following wineries in this association:

Hirschmugl - Domaene am Seggauberg Producer Leibnitz Stefan Potzinger Weine GmbH Producer Gabersdorf Steiermärkisches Landesweingut Silberberg Producer Leibnitz Steiner - VINEA VOLCANIA LUDOVICI Producer Klöch Wein.Atelier Seyfried Producer Gleisdorf Weinbau Sauer Producer Gauitsch Weingut & Buschenschank Schneeberger Producer Heimschuh Weingut Adam-Lieleg Producer Leutschach Weingut Albert - Familie Cramer Producer Kitzeck im Sausal Weingut Dietrich vlg. Tischler Producer Gamlitz Weingut Erwin Sabathi Producer Leutschach a.d.W. Weingut Felberjörgl Producer Demmerkogel - Kitzeck im Sausal Weingut Frauwallner Producer Straden Weingut Gross Producer Ratsch an der Weinstraße Weingut Gölles Producer Fehring Weingut Hannes Sabathi Producer Gamlitz Weingut Haring vlg. Pichlippi Producer Eibiswald Weingut K. & G. Strauss Producer Gamlitz Weingut Kollerhof Producer Leutschach Weingut Kratzer Producer Heimschuh Weingut Kögl Producer Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße Weingut Lackner-Tinnacher Producer Gamlitz Weingut Langmann - Vulgo Lex Producer St. Stefan ob Stainz Weingut Malli Producer Kitzeck im Sausal Weingut Masser Producer Leutschach Weingut Muster.gamlitz Producer Gamlitz Weingut Neumeister Producer Straden Weingut PRIMUS Producer Grassnitzberg Weingut Peter Skoff - Domäne Kranachberg Producer Gamlitz Weingut Pfeifer Producer St. Anna am Aigen Weingut Pichler-Schober Producer St. Nikolai im Sausal Weingut Pock Producer Straden Weingut Pugl Producer Großklein Weingut Regele Producer Ehrenhausen an der Weinstrasse Weingut Rossmann Producer Bierbaum Weingut Schauer Producer Kitzeck im Sausal Weingut Schwarzl Producer Ehrenhausen/Weinstraße Weingut Sternat Producer Arnfels Weingut Tement Producer Berghausen Weingut Winkler-Hermaden Producer Kapfenstein Weingut Wohlmuth Producer Fresing - Kitzeck im Sausal Weingut Wolfgang Maitz Producer Ehrenhausen Weingut Wruss Producer Gamlitz Weingut und Buschenschank Lackner Producer Krottendorf Weingut und Buschenschank Repolusk Producer Leutschach Weinhof Reichmann Producer Sankt Peter am Ottersbach
Bischöflicher Weinkeller Schloss Seggau Producer Leibnitz
Weinbau und Wildtierzucht Producer Wies
Weingut Georgiberg Producer Ehrenhausen
Weingut Grebenz Producer Großklein
Weingut Jöbstl Producer Wies
Weingut Markus Pongratz Producer Gamlitz
Weingut Ploder-Rosenberg Producer St. Peter am Ottersbach
Weingut Polz Producer Strass in Steiermark
Weingut Walter Skoff Producer Gamlitz
Weinhof Fassold Producer Straden


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