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83112 Frasdorf, Germany
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"Trust your senses" - this invitation is part of the WINE SYSTEM brand.

We want to find out what inspires you!
You personally, as a person who dedicates their endeavours and work to wine.
Because once we know this, we can explore together what your business, with all its special features, needs to turn this enthusiasm into wine.
To do this, we ask questions and dig deeper. We dig in the soil, "interrogate" your vines and sniff around in the cellar. We look at processes and figures, but above all: at your goals. On your wishes and needs, your intuition. Because it needs space to reveal its valuable knowledge.
No matter where you are right now - whether you are in the middle of something or at the very beginning, facing a generational change, a crisis (of purpose) or perhaps a desire for more "handwriting":
Holistic advice for winegrowers
And enabling people interested in enjoyment to do just that is one of our favourite tasks.
Because trusting your own senses is sometimes not that easy. It takes practice - and a little sensory knowledge can't hurt either.
Especially when wine is the subject of our sensory research. Once the connection, the trust in our perception is (re)established,
a whole new world opens up! Sensual, in the truest sense of the word, and absolutely fascinating.
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